Powerful Thinking | 2 Part Webinar Series

This two-part, on-demand webinar series will inspire educators with practical ways to lay the groundwork for stretching and “linking thinking” to all corners of your curriculum! Through engaging, content-rich read-alouds practical lessons, Adrienne illustrates simple ways to make thinking visible and argues for the importance of developing literacy rich curriculums to help nudge thinking in every subject! 

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In the age of inquiry-based learning, how do we create a learning environment where students are re-thinking rather than simply re-telling? How do we provide enough structure AND flexibility for students to explore, stretch and reflect on their thinking? In this new webinar series, Adrienne Gear, will share ideas from her new book, Powerful Thinking,  that will help you engage your students in constructing meaning and deepening understanding in all areas of the curriculum.  

Using the key concepts and strategies from her book, Reading Power, Adrienne will share practical ways to create a “culture of thinking” in the classroom, not just in your literacy block but across all areas of your curriculum!  She will share lessons to help bring knowledge-building into classrooms by using texts as tools to nudge students’ thinking through engaged listening and active conversations.  Come to this session and leave with a list of practical strategies and engaging anchor books to help your students develop into powerful readers and thinkers!


Session 1 – What is Powerful Thinking? 

In this session, Adrienne will introduce

  • Key concepts of Powerful Thinking
  • Current research in comprehension and links to classroom practice 
  • How to create a culture of thinking in your classroom


Session 2 – Powerful Thinking in Action  

In this session, Adrienne will share Powerful Thinking lessons including:  

  •  One Word Activity
  •  Knew-New
  •  Fact-React
  •  What-So What-Now What? 
  •  Powerful Thinking in Art, Music, P.E., Science, and Social Studies


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