PLEASE NOTE: Adrienne’s speaking schedule is now FULL for in-person workshops until Spring 2024. 

In this workshop, Adrienne will present an overview of the key concepts and research behind the Reading Power approach to comprehension instruction including metacognition, constructing meaning and the levels of understanding text. 

She will outline classroom application, model several lessons, and share many authentic student samples.  Adrienne will share her passion for picture books, highlighting her “top picks” books to use with the strategies. 

Participants will leave ready to implement Reading Power in their classrooms tomorrow! 

Reading & Thinking Across the Curriculum

While teaching comprehension strategies in isolation is an important first step in helping students construct meaning, applying the strategies into all aspects of learning is the primary goal. 

For those who may have some experience with Reading Power, this workshop will provide a brief overview of the key concepts of Reading Power in both fiction and nonfiction.  

Adrienne will then show examples of how these strategies can be applied to different units of study including Indigenous beliefs and knowledge, global justice, reading and thinking across Canada, and Global Stewardship.   

Tired of your whole class novel study?  In this workshop, Adrienne will describe how to organize and implement Literature Circles into your classroom.  

She will share her ideas for ways students can implement Reading Power strategies when reading their novels to promote meaning making rather than literal summarizing. She will outline weekly activities, student expectations, and assessment strategies.  

Adrienne will share her top picks for the latest and greatest novels for elementary and middle grades.

*This is a half-day session. Can be combined with an Introduction to Reading Power session. 

In this full day session, Adrienne will explain the key concepts of Reading Power and the levels of understanding – from literal to interactive – as well as show how Reading Power can be integrated into all areas of the curriculum. 

She will focus on specific reading strategies to support readers of nonfiction including: Zoom In (to Nonfiction Features), Determine Importance, Making Connections, Questioning and Transform

She will share lessons, student samples and recommended anchor books to support the lessons. 

As always, you will leave with lessons you can use in your classroom tomorrow! 

“How long does this have to be?”  “Is this for marks?”  “I have nothing to write about!”  If you are making connections to any of these comments, then this workshop is for you!   

In this workshop, Adrienne will explore ideas to help teachers set up an effective process-driven writing program that centers around weekly practice writes.   She will share tips to help you organize your year of writing around different text structures including personal narrative, nonfiction and story writing. 

Adrienne will model several mini lessons that focus on writing techniques to raise the quality of your students’ writing as well as share her thoughts on assessment and conferences.   

Participants will come away with an abundance of new anchor books and writing lessons to use in their classroom.

In this workshop session,  Adrienne will share concepts and lessons from her popular book Nonfiction Writing Power!  

She will explain the different forms of nonfiction, including description, instruction and persuasion and the importance of teaching students the intent, language and structure of each form.  

She will model several lessons and share many student samples. 

 As always, Adrienne will highlight anchor books to support the lessons.   She will also share ways that nonfiction writing can be linked to your content areas in the redesigned curriculum.

Teaching students to be more compassionate, responsible global citizens who care about themselves, others, and the world is the focus of Adrienne’s book, Powerful Understanding

In this session, Adrienne will begin with a review of the key concepts of Reading Power, focusing on Transform and metacognition, upon which her new book is built.  

She will then explore the big ideas from Powerful Understanding, sharing her model of Powerful Understanding, a wide range of lessons, student samples and, of course, great anchor books.  

This workshop will inspire you and your students to change the world! 

In this workshop, Adrienne will focus on the three main writing structures elementary students should be comfortable with: Personal Narratives, Nonfiction (various forms), and Story Writing.  

Using the “Brain Pocket” theory for where writers find their ideas for writing, Adrienne will outline a plan for integrating these three unique writing structures into your school year.  She will outline ways of setting up an effective, process-driving writing program. 

Participants will come away with an effective year-long writing program, complete with mini lessons and anchor books. 

The words on the page are half the story. The rest is what you bring to the party.

- Toni Morrison