Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten New Christmas Picture Books for Sharing and Gifting 2022

Every year at this time, I like to post the new holiday picture books for sharing and gifting. This year, there are some exceptional ones! I hope you find one or two titles that bring that holiday spirit into your classroom, home, and heart.

Green Is for Christmas – Drew Daywalt

From the NYT best selling author comes the latest “crayon” book! After Green crayon insists he is the only color for Christmas, the other crayons let him know that there would be no Christmas without them either! Humourous and great fun – and the best thing is the book is small – just the right size for a stocking!

The Cool Bean Presents: As Cool as It Gets – Jory John

Another NYT best-selling “good group” series, this latest story keeps in the spirit of the others. Cool Bean can’t afford to buy a cool gift for the holiday gift exchange so he ends up making something instead. Even though he was embarrassed, his gift ends up being the hit of the party!

The Christmas Book Flood Emily Kilgore

Gorgeous new holiday picture book tells the tale of the Icelandic tradition of buying books for loved ones at Christmas and then cozying up by the fire on Christmas Eve to read all the new books and eat chocolates! Could there be anything more delightful than family, books, chocolates and Christmas? Magical!

The Perfect Tree – Corinne Demas

Bunny looks for the perfect Christmas tree. Each of her forest friends suggest different “must have” features – perfect pointy top, greenest green features, smells like Christmas… But sometimes, the best tree is not always “perfect” when it’s surrounded by friends. Would be a great writing anchor book for teaching “descriptive features”.

The Real Santa – Nancy Redd

A young Black boy who LOVES Christmas wonders just what the REAL Santa looks like? Does he match the figurines on the mantel, or the faces on our favorite holiday sweaters? Does he look like you or like me? I loved how this story celebrates family, diversity, and the holiday spirit. Perfect for any child looking to see some of themselves in Santa Claus.

The BIG Christmas Bake – Fiona Barker

Such a delightful twist to the classic “Twelve Days of Christmas” where each of the animals from the song help to create a “Twelfth Night” cake (traditional British fruit cake intended to be eaten on the 12th night of Christmas, or Epiphany. (Think three french hens bringing baking powder; six geese bringing eggs, etc,) Lots of fun and includes recipe at the end!

Coming Home – Michael Morpurgo

Beautiful migration story that follows a robins journey as he returns home. Not fully a “Christmas” in theme until the end when the two robins reunite. Gorgeous illustrations and I really liked the language – lots of triple scoop words!

This is Christmas – Tom Booth

A glimpse at nature in winter during the holiday season. A young chipmunk asks his mother what Christmas is. Her response is a celebration of simple things: the company of others, the beauty that surrounds us, the sounds, sights, tastes and smells and the act of giving. I loved the nostalgic feel of the vintage style illustrations!

Last Stop on the Reindeer Express – Maudie Powell-Tuck

Mia is sad that she won’t be spending Christmas with her Grandpa. At a Christmas market, she discovers an unusual mailbox, which turns out to be a portal to the Reindeer Express. Soon she is on a magical adventure, brought to life by peep-through pages, lift-the-flaps and breath-taking illustrations. This book is a wonderful way to help children who may be spending Christmas away from a parent, grandparent or sibling.

I Saw Santa’s Underpants – Bobbie Hinman

For those looking for a giggle, this one was unexpectedly fun! When Santa accidentally leaves home without his suspenders, it’s up to a clever little boy to devise a solution to save Santa from certain embarrassment. The rhyming text is well done, and I could almost hear Burl Ives reading this one aloud!

Not new for 2022 – but worth a mention, just the same!

Dasher: How a Brave Little Doe Changed Christmas Forever – Matt Tavares

One of my favorites, this gorgeous picture book tells how Santa gained his reindeers after young Dasher had escaped from a travelling circus to help fly his sleigh. The writing is so beautiful and a perfect read-aloud or snuggle book on Christmas Eve!

Red and Lulu Matt Tavares

I get teary every time I read this one! By the same author as Dasher (above), this story tells the tale of two red cardinals, Red and Lulu, who make their home in the branches of a large evergreen. One day, the tree is cut down and carried off in a truck, with Lulu still trapped in the nest. Red follows frantically in search of his friend. I don’t want to give too much away, but will tell you the story has a very happy ending! Have your Kleenex handy.

Little Red Sleigh Erin Guendelsberger

I just LOVE this heartwarming story of a small sled who dreams to one day become Santa’s sleigh. But she is young, small and can’t fly. Until one Christmas….Full of winter joy and Christmas magic, this story reminds us that no dream is out of reach if you believe. One of my favorites for getting into the spirit of the season!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope one or two books have caught your eye!

Happy reading and happy holidays to all!

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  1. mobiwarren

    Reading these reviews made my day and I began thinking of the children of my nephews and nieces (still babies) and how they will love these books. I also felt a bit wistful as I am a retired teacher — I used to spread holiday themed picture books on a special table every December — many of us these would have been perfect on that table.

    kind and joyous thoughts for the season, Mobi

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