Welcome to a Month of Love!

Good-bye January! Hello February! Why not celebrate this month with a little LOVE? Using the theme from my Powerful Understanding book – “Leaving a Heartprint” – and with a little help from some great anchor books, you and your students can “share the love” all month long!

Here’s the plan:

Week 1 – Love Myself

Week 2 – Love Others (friends and family)

Week 3 – Love the Land

NOTE: February begins and ends mid-week and is a short month with LOTS going on – Professional Development Days, Black History Month, Family Day, Pink Shirt Day, not to mention Valentine’s celebrations. So, I chose three weeks of Love, rather than four, as you will likely be busy!

Each week, I will post

  • A lesson idea based on a Month of Love theme
  • A list of anchor books connected to the theme of the week
  • A reproducible template (they can be combined to create a “Month of Love” booklet)

Let’s Get Started!

Month of Love – Week 1: Love Myself

Focus: Students can leave “Heartprints” for themselves by practicing self-love and learning to use positive affirmations.

  • Write the word “Heartprint” on the white board or screen. Ask the students what they think it is.
  • Explain that a heartprint is like a footprint or a handprint that we leave behind, except we can’t SEE a heartprint, we FEEL it. When we leave heartprints behind, it’s a way of leaving a little love for someone else. It makes them feel good and makes us feel good, too. (For more about Heartprints, see my book Powerful Understanding – page 101-103,121)
  • Tell the students that February is sometimes called “The Month of Love” – a time to focus on loving ourselves, each other, and the land. Explain that we are going to celebrate the Month of Love by leaving heartprints everywhere!
  • Show this video of a little girl giving herself positive affirmations in the mirror (you may want to discuss NOT climbing up on the bathroom sink!) Explain that the little girl in the video is practicing “self love”. Saying positive things to yourself is like leaving a “heartprint” on your own heart.
  • Ask the students if they ever look in the mirror and talked to themselves out loud? Tell the students that sometimes, it’s important to tell yourself how GREAT you are! It might feel silly at first, but if we can do it every day, it will help us start to feel good about ourselves!
  • Read one of the anchor books (see list below). I recommend reading several of these throughout the week. If you don’t have a hard copy – try searching the title on YouTube.
  • Discuss how the character(s) was practicing “self love” by naming things they like about themselves. Ask students to think about things they like about themselves. Model by saying your own affirmations about yourself.
  • If you happen to have a large mirror or class set of small mirrors, pass them out and invite students to practice saying positive affirmations in the mirror.
  • Invite the students to write their positive affirmations on the page. Use prompts such as : I like….. I like…. (ie I like my hair, I like my hands, I like my friends.…) or I am… I am… (I am smart, I am beautiful, I am funny, I am kind) I can… I can… (I can swim, I can jump, I can help dad)
  • Invite the students to share their affirmations out loud, if they are comfortable.

Since posting this blog last week, I have received several emails from teachers who have done the lesson and wanted to share their students’ work with me. The sample below was done by a Grade 2 student in Kristina Anne Marie’s class in Surrey, B.C. She was inspired by the LOVE MYSELF post and created this amazing template for her students to leave hearprints on their own hearts. Thank you for sharing, Kristina! You can download Kristina’s template HERE

“Love Myself”Anchor Books

Early Primary

Rock What You Got – Samantha Berger

A delightful child reminds everyone to embrace their own special something in this joyful expression of self-love. Her words of advice: embrace what you have, love yourself, and “rock what ya got.”

I Like Me – Nancy Carlson

A peppy pig is full of good feelings about herself and her story will leave young readers feeling good about themselves, too! I often use this book as an anchor for writing “All About Me”!

I Like Myself – Karen Beaumont

This ode to self-esteem encourages young readers to appreciate everything about themselves–inside and out. Messy hair? Beaver breath? So what! This little girl knows what really matters!

Be Who You Are – Todd Parr

Classic Todd Parr reminds us to author Todd Parr encourages kids to be proud of who they are inside.

What I Like About Me! – Allia Zobel-Nolan

I love the diversity aspect of this book, as well as the message. Every character in the book takes a turn describing what they like about themselves. Bonus – at the end of the book the author has a mirror and ask the child to tell what they like about themselves.

Remarkably You – Pat Zietlow Miller

I love that this book inspires kids to not only see good in themselves, but to also DO GOOD for others and the world. LOVE it!

Late Primary and Intermediate

I am Every Good Thing – Derrick Barnes

If there is ONE book to recommend for positive affirmations for older students – it’s THIS ONE! The the confidence, pride, energy, empowerment, not to mention the similes and metaphors! A MUST for every classroom and library!

The Best Part of Me – Wendy Ewald

An award-winning photographer asks children “What is the best part of you?”, and presents their answers in sometimes funny, sometimes moving book that includes her bold black-and-white photographs. Another amazing anchor book I use for writing!

Eyes That Kiss in Corners – Joanna Ho

Gorgeous illustrations, amazing writing and a lovely story that will help so any Asian children overcome their differences in appearances and have a positive view of themselves. Perfect for emphasizing self-love. See also Eyes That Speak to the Stars.

The Proudest Blue – Ibtihaj Muhammad

This book is GORGEOUS! Empowering and celebratory of Muslim girls who are hijabis, and their families. A perfect book t0 help kids feel seen, and help other kids become more understanding.

Lookin’ Like Me – Walter Dean Myers

“I looked in the mirror and what did I see? / A real handsome dude looking just like me.” Such a perfect book to illustrate self love and positive affirmation. Love that it reads like slam poetry – great for reading aloud. I put out my fist and give this book a “bam”!

I Am Enough Grace Byers

I love this story about self-empowerment and doing your best, with the added message that we are here to help others.

Thanks for stopping by!

Hope you and your students enjoy this lesson!

Next week our Month of Love continues with…. LOVE OTHERS!


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