Celebration Saturday


I am happy to be joining Ruth Ayres @ ruth ayres writes and others to celebrate and appreciate the goodness of the past week(s).

It’s been a few weeks (month?) since I last wrote about my celebrations and I’m feeling as though I’m behind in acknowledging all that is positive in my life!  It’s been a busy month – getting back to my classroom, school, workshops and the busy life of my family (and boys in sports) so it’s important to take a moment to pause, breathe and be grateful.

1)  Sharing joys – I continue to be blessed with the opportunity to present workshops to amazing groups of educators.  It brings me such joy to be able to share lessons, stories, challenges, reflections and celebrations of my own teaching practice with other teachers.  I have been to several different districts this month, including North Vancouver, Prince George, northern Saskatchewan and a workshop in my own school, J. W. Sexsmith, for our district Pro. D.  Each visit is an adventure and I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given to share my learning journey with others.


Images from my trip to La Loche, Saskatchewan.  (Yes!  I flew on that tiny plane!)

2) Learning joys – “JOY is one letter away from JOB”! This was the final message from Katie Keier,  co-author of Catching Readers Before They Fall, in her Key Note address at yesterday’s Primary conference in Prince George. As a presenter myself, I don’t often have an opportunity to listen to other speakers but was fortunate enough to listen to Katie and her inspiring message about creating classrooms that “Inspire, empower, motivate, support, nurture and celebrate” students. She shared photos from her kindergarten classroom in Virginia and I got many practical ideas from her including three kinds of classroom problems: “glitch, bummer and disaster” – I’m going to use that one!  My breakout sessions, that focused on Primary Writing, were filled with enthusiastic teachers, many of whom I have worked with before. It was a wonderful conference to be a part of.


Katie Novak’s Key Note presentation in Prince George and one of my break-out sessions.

2) Classroom joys – Although I only see my class briefly each week, I love the precious time we spend together.  I love the hugs, the laughs, the excitement I see in each child.  I celebrate the fact that I can actually HEAR them learning.

3) Publishing joys Reading Power in SWEDISH!   The Swedish publishing company who is translating my book sent me a sneak peak of the cover.  It’s strange seeing my name on the cover when I can’t read the title!  I do love the photo they chose for the cover and I’m SOOO excited.  I will be travelling to Stockholm in April for the release of the book and to present at their Teachers Conference! Can you say “glada”? (I think that is Swedish for “excited”!!)


4) Family joys – I love my boys – two of whom are growing into fine young men.  I am now officially the shortest member of the family.  My eldest is learning to drive – he is thrilled; I am a little sad and a little scared!


What are you celebrating this week?

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  1. carriegelson

    Swedish?! Love this! So proud of you Adrienne! I must hear about Adrienne Gear at least once a week. I just smile. Love the photo of you with the big snow and the little plane!

  2. Linda Baie

    I saw about your Swedish translation on Facebook-how awesome, Adrienne, and the cover is good! Lovely to hear about all your presentations-wish I could be at one! I’m going to our state reading conference in a couple of weeks & look forward to all that I learn there. Nice to hear about your boys & I agree, helping a young driver is scary, but it does turn out to be helpful at the end! Have a happy week!

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