It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? Weekend Bookstore Bliss!

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It’s Monday and I’m happy to be participating in a weekly event with a community of bloggers who post reviews of books that they have read the previous week. Check out more IMWAYR posts here: Jen from Teach Mentor Texts and Kellee and Ricki from Unleashing Readers

My husband:  How’s the beer on the deck?

Me:  I’m still in the book store.

My husband:  You are a nerd.

Me:  And proud of it.

I experienced book bliss this weekend when I spent over two blissful hours in Mosaic Books in Kelowna.   From the fiction, to the bargain tables, to the travel biographies, and ending with the children’s section – I was in book heaven!


Here are just a few of the books that caught my eye (and some I had to buy!)


The Toad Elise Gravel

I squealed with delight when I saw that Elise Gravel had added another book to her ever-so-popular-cannot-keep-these-books-on-the-book-shelf Disgusting Critter series.  A perfect balance between information and humour with a splash of gross topped off with delightful illustrations!  LOVE!

School’s First Day of School – Adam Rex

Charming and whimsical, mark this as a wonderful new back to school read-aloud.   Told from the point of view of the school, this is a fresh perspective on first day jitters!  Delightful illustrations by Christian Robinson (Last Stop on Market Street)

Circle – Jeannie Baker

With a wheelchaired-boy’s wish to fly as the starting point, we follow the incredible journey of godwits as they travel from Australia and New Zealand to the Arctic where they look for places to eat and breed.  Jeannie Baker’s collage illustrations are stunning and I was happy to find more detailed information about the birds at the back of the book.

Lion Lessons – Jon Agee

Witty and charming book that teaches you the seven steps to becoming a great lion and earning a lion diploma!   This would make an excellent participation read-aloud, as younger readers can practice the steps of ‘looking fierce’ and ‘pouncing around’!  What fun!


Douglas, You Need Glasses! – Ged Adamson

Adorable story about a near-sighted dog who needs glasses.  Gentle and humorous, children will laugh when Douglas mistakes leaves for squirrels and steps in the wet cement because he couldn’t read the sign.  And yes, the print on the cover is blurry!


Let Me Finish! – Minh Le

Adorable book about a little boy who can’t read a book without someone spoiling the ending for him. Sparse text and lively illustrations – this book will make a wonderful read-aloud for younger students and a good reminder for older students of how NOT to give a book talk!  27064352

Louise and Andie and the Art of Friendship – Kelly Light

In this follow-up to Louise Loves Art, this book explores making new friends, and the challenges friends face when they don’t see things in quite the same way.   I appreciated the realistic approach to their friendship fight and the hurt feelings that many students will connect to. I also liked that Andie was an Andy Warhol fan!

Ideas Are All Around Us – Philip C. Stead

The latest from one of my favorite authors, this book is inspiring and beautiful.  In it, an author and his dog go for a walk and discover stories everywhere.  This would make an excellent anchor book for writing workshop and discussing where ideas for writing come from.


Be Frank With Me – Julia Clairborne Johnson

Our last book club read of the summer was  a delightful read, with quirky, charming characters.  I fell in love with young Frank, an eccentric,on-the-spectrum, friendless 9-year old boy who has very little connection with his grade four classmates because he dresses in 1930’s movie star costumes and has the wit and sophistication of an adult.  Frank is being looked after by a young publisher’s assistant while his reclusive mother, the once famous Mimi Banning, completes her first book in decades.   This book is light-hearted, touching and thoroughly entertaining.  A wonderful debut novel and a perfect summer read.


The Book of Speculation – Erika Swyler

And from the bargain fiction table at Mosaic, I picked up this 2015 release.  I was drawn in by the cover and started making connections to  The Night Circus  when I read...”A wonderful tale of mystery, magic, carnivals, mermaids, tarot and through it all is the book of speculation linking the lives of two families.”  Sounds intriguing, I loved Night Circus – and it was on sale!  I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks for stopping by!  Which book has caught your eye?

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  1. aaroncleaveley

    I love that store. I don’t have a bookstore in my town and my bank account is lucky I am an hour and a half away from that store. My one trip this summer left my wallet lighter but the two bags full. I really want to grab an Elise Gravel book, Let me Finish, as you wrote would be great for Book Talk lessons in Sept, and Be Frank with me all look great for me. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Adrienne Gear

      I hear you! Book stores are dangerous places for me! I spent my book allowance in Mosaic for sure! But new books mean new lessons and I love thinking about them – even in the summer! Be Frank With Me is delightful – a great summer read!

  2. Linda Baie

    That store looks fabulous! Thanks for all the book shares, many new to me. I will find First Day Jitters. A granddaughter is going to a new school, & it will be a great one for her. A very favorite picture book this year is Ideas Are All Around. I really think it’s perfect for so many ages. And thanks for that final chapter book-sounds good!

    1. Adrienne Gear

      Yes, it’s a great store! School’s First Day of School is a perfect read for someone starting kindergarten because it takes the focus from the child to the school – which could reduce nerves and develop empathy. I love all Philip Stead books – but this one is special as it can be used for so many different grades to inspire stories. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

  3. carriegelson

    I love that what you gravitate to also lures me – like this Philip Stead book and the new Elise Gravel. Thanks for being a lovely book nerd!

    1. Adrienne Gear

      Yes, a proud book nerd – that’s me! I adore Philip Stead but had not seen this book before. It’s a great one for writing workshop. Elise Gravel – love her so much! I want to write disgusting critter books with my students next year! Hope you are well and finding some solace this summer.

  4. Jane Whittingham

    I’m so excited for the new Elise Gravel title! I actually used her other disgusting critters books with an early readers book club and they went over a treat. Gross, but still adorable – a winning combination.

    1. Adrienne Gear

      I know – the Elise Gravel books are so great and so popular in my class! I also think they make great mentor texts for nonfiction writing. Thanks or stopping by!

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