Summer Reading-Day 5! Amazing new novel for tweens!

mr. lemoncellos

Hello again.  It’s the end of the week and I’m sharing a book that appears to be the latest “buzz” novel at Kidsbooks this summer!  It’s a novel by adult mystery writer Chris Grabenstein called Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library.  It is the story of 12 yr. old Kyle Keeley who is the youngest of three boys.  He is falling into the shadow of his two older brothers – Mike, a 17 yr. old Jock and Curtis, a 15 yr. old brainiac.  Kyle is the class clown and is a huge fan of all kinds of games – board, card and video.  His hero is Luigi Lemoncello, the most famous and creative game maker of all time.  Lemoncello has designed the new library in town and is hosting an “invitation only” lock-in on opening night. Kyle, of course, is determined to be there.  Thus the scene is set for a remarkable, thrilling, puzzling, funny tale of how Kyle wins his way in, but more importantly, how he manages to solve his way OUT of the library that night.

This book is amazing – it has everything!  Great characters, a fast paced plot, mystery, puzzles to solve and great writing.  I made immediate connections to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with a little mix of Night at the Museum.  I can just hear the movie production companies fighting over the rights to this one!

A must read for any tween this summer – and a great one to add to your lit circle collection (once it comes out in soft cover!)

Happy reading!


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