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Sometimes, you just want to share a silly, funny book to bring out the giggles and enjoy a laugh with your class! NOT for connecting, writing, or deep thinking…. – just for some good old-fashioned FUN! And I can’t think of a better motivator to learn to read than laughter!

Here are my favorite new books sure to bring out the giggles!

Does a Bulldozer Have a Butt
by Derick Wilde

Hilarious, rhyming book about BUTTS! A little boy asks his dad if different animals and objects have butts and the father’s answers are quite hilarious! This will be a sure hit with kids – and pay close attention to the illustrations to see many cleverly hidden butts throughout the pages!

2. Not All Sheep Are Boring!

Not All Sheep Are Boring!
by Bobby Moynihan

Since people usually fall asleep by counting sheep – they must be pretty boring – Right? WRONG! This book proves sheep are anything but snoozeworthy and introduces readers to some of the weirdest, wackiest, funniest sheep you’ve ever seen! Want to know what’s definitely not boring? This book!

3. I Am Terrified of Bath Time

I Am Terrified of Bath Time
by Simon Rich

A hilarious twist on bath time, told from the perspective of a bathtub as the tub gives tips to a child on how to make bath time more pleasant for him. I laughed out loud several times – especially at the poop jokes! Whether you are a fan of bath time or not, this is such a silly, clever book and I guarantee kids will love it!

4. Pineapple Princess

Pineapple Princess
by Sabina Hah

A little girl is convinced she is a princess. She simply needs a crown – which she makes out of a ripe pineapple from the fruit bowl! I literally laughed out loud when her rotting crown attracts flies who become her “royal subjects.” Hilarious!

5. Norman Didn't Do It! (Yes, He Did!)

Norman Didn’t Do It! (Yes, He Did!)
by Ryan T. Higgins

Norman has a best friend named Mildred. She’s a tree. Mildred and Norman get along famously until one day, another tree shows up. Poor Norman! Will Mildred want to stay friends with him, now she has a tree friend? This book is so cute and funny and teaches a great little lesson about “owning” a wrong and fixing it to the best of your ability!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you found a few titles to add to your collection. Happy reading and giggling along with your students!

~ Adrienne


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