Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Books to help Celebrate Lunar New Year!

Lunar New Year is an important cultural holiday celebrated by many East and Southeast Asians and it’s coming up on January 22nd! What better way to help celebrate than by sharing some great new picture books! Remember – Lunar New Year is celebrated in MANY different countries, so it’s important we include a diverse range of books.

Here are my top ten Lunar New Year books for 2023!

Year of the Cat – Richard Ho

Did you know that the cat is one of the only animals NOT included in the Chinese zodiac? Why did cat get left out? This delightful book introduces young readers to both the Chinese zodiac and the importance of apologizing. 

Out Lunar New Year – Yobe Qui

From dragon dances in China to firecrackers in India, this book explores different lunar festivities around the world. Readers experience how children and their families from China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and India honor and celebrate Lunar New Year.

Goldy Luck And The Three Pandas – Nalasha Yim

A fun and festive retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Love the spunky heroine who takes responsibility for her actions and makes a new friend (and a whole plate of turnip cakes!), just in time for Chinese New Year! Super cute and great read-aloud!

Tomorrow Is New Years Day Seollal, A Korean Celebration of Lunar New Year – Aram Kim

Colorful, joyful and cute! In this story, a young girl proudly shares Korean New Year’s traditions, food, and clothing with her classmates. A glossary of Korean terms, with pronunciation guide, is included.

A Sweet New Year For Ren – Michelle Sterling

Such a sweet, warm story. I love the emphasis on family togetherness (across the generations) and how preparing beloved recipes helps honor tradition and celebrate each family member’s personal favorites! The Author’s Note at the beginning helps explain her personal connection to Lunar New Year and a recipe for pineapple cakes (which Ren is finally old enough to make!) is included in the back.

Alex’s Good Fortune – Benson Shum

A fun early reader that follows Alex celebrating Chinese New Year with her friend Ethan. Includes a glossary of Chinese phrases and their pronunciations as well as an introduction to the Chinese Zodiac.

This is Tet – A Rhyming Story about Lunar New Year in Vietnam – Tam Bui

Inspired by the author’s childhood memories, this book, translated from Vietnamese celebrates Vietnamese New Year through the curious eyes of a child and her family. Delightful illustrations.

Friends Are Forever – Dane Liu

More than just a story of Lunar New Year, this is a beautiful story of friendship, culture, traditions, and immigration. The writing is so lyrical and lovely and vivid detailed illustrations. Includes the author’s story and instructions on how to paper cutting.

Playing With Lanterns – Wang Yage

A look at the 15 day lantern festival that occurs each year during the Chinese New Year in the Shaanxi province of northeast China, told through the eyes of a young girl and her three friends. Colorful and joyful!

Grumpy New Year – Katrina Moore

A trip to see her Yeh-Yeh, a lot of New Year excitement, and not a lot of sleep = Grumpy Daisy! Funny and heartwarming!

Bringing in the New Year – Grace Lin

I love Grace Lin’s books! This is a simple story about a family getting ready for Chinese New Year. Love the personal connections readers can make to preparing for their own cultural celebrations. Simple and great for early readers.

New Year – Mei Zihan

A sweet, melancholy book written from a father’s point of view about missing his daughter during the New Year celebration. Beautifully written and illustrated, this is a picture book definitely for older readers and if you are looking for a gift for a father or grandfather – this is it!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you found one or two new books to add to your Lunar New Year collection!


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